Martial Arts Fitness Class

Combining Martial Arts and effective fitness training all-in-one! This class offers the best of both worlds.
Basic Martial Arts strikes, kicks and punches along with cardio-strength training. Experience all the rapid, energetic, muscle building fun this class has to offer.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy are, weight loss, higher flexibility and overall body strength while attending Shuhari Martial Arts Fitness Class.

Sign-up and challenge yourself to become a stronger, healthier more confident you!
Shuhari Martial Arts Fitness is a true total body workout.

Benefits of training in traditional martial arts:

* Increases Awareness
* Self Discipline
* Self Protection Skills
* Improves Coordination
* Increases Self Esteem
* Promotes Good Health
* Increases Flexibility
* Healthy Weight Loss
* Improves Cardio Fitness
* Relieves Stress
* Better Grades in School
* Classes by Age and Rank
* Traditional Values
* Proven Self Defense


Class Schedule
Kids Karate:
Mon & Wed 4:40 to 5:30
Tue, Thu, Fri 5:35 to 6:25
(Ages 10-14) Kids Karate:
Mon, Wed, & Fri 5:35 to 6:25
Adult Ju-Jutsu:
Mon & Wed 7:40 to 8:45
Adult Karate:
Mon & Wed 6:30 to 7:30
Mixed Adult Karate & Ju-Jutsu
Thu 7:40 to 8:45 
Fitness Class
Fri 6:35 to 7:20

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